1. you guys sure like filtered light

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  2. "It is impossible not to love someone who makes toast for you."
    — Nigel Slater

  3. Haii 600 followers

    I know most of you are bots, but anyway, hello, thanks for following, beep bop boop.


  4. several falls ago, now…

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  5. halloween ?


  6. autumnal sea wind


  7. happy campers



  9. Saturday in our grown up lady apartment in the “big city” (Portland, ME).

    *cue SATC theme song* do do do do do doooo


  10. emilygoingplaces:

    I live here now, on the top floor.

    perfection in machias


  11. wild magic

    {end of summer}


  12. "At present, I myself do not know of any local witches or warlocks, but there are several people who seem to have an uncanny power over food."
    — MFK Fisher

  13. <3:

    photographer » Vivian Fu

    blog » Witchin’ in the Kitchen

    stick & poke artist » MISO

    artist » Tammy Rae Carland

    photographer » Kotori Kawashima

    photographer » Yael Malka


  14. still in the throes of performing an elaborate Von Trappe-family-style adieu to summer…

    sun blinded, peppered with freckles & thorn pricks (blackberries, rose hips), and salt-caked like a handful of gas station sunflower seeds, I finally feel like I’ve got my money’s worth from this season.

    my watch strap snapped when the new moon rose; I’m ready for a new beginning. I have a very wool sweater and a growing pile of pickles and preserves, sitting red and glutinous in glass jars—boiled right to their cores in order to last into the winter…as I have been by this sun, by this generous, this gentle summer…


  15. phoebewahl:

    Here’s a scan of my first Harry Potter a Day project drawing. 

    I’m going to try to draw a HP character a day until I run out, or at least get to the Maisie Cattermoles and Ivor Dillonsbys of the series. Each drawing will be varying in complexity depending on how much time/energy I have. 

    DAY 1, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.