1. Couples Halloween costume idea


  2. Nineties witch

    Can I get some spaghetti straps, wire framed sunglasses and black candles up in here?


  3. The cattle prod chooses the wizard.


  4. Downton Abbey Dinner Party!!

    Pre-cocktail: sherry
    Cocktail: Black Velvet (champagne & stout)
    First course: pickled quails eggs salad
    Main course: guinea hen roasted with prunes, onions, apples, cornbread crumbs, lemon, mustard. + green beans
    Wine: Pinot noir
    Cheese course: saint Andre + husk cherry rosemary compote
    Pudding: apple cake with whipped cream and berries
    Dessert drink: sherry or champagne
    Watching: Downton Abbey season 5 premier
    Currently drinking: tea


  5. Saturdays rule so hard. Farmer’s market (satisfyingly nippy and autumnal this morning), DIY projects, coffee (with ghee & cardamom—hipster nonsense), radio shows, PBS documentaries on Netflix…

    Today I made: CRUMPETS (the smell of which jolted me back to Oxford, and the loneliness/malnourishment/enchantment of that period of my life), kombucha, apple cake (Inga, Swedish goddess granny recipe), fish sauce vinaigrette brussel sprouts, roast carrots, fennel lentils, PICKLED QUAILS EGGS…plus I cleaned out the fridge. 

    I spent the whole day in the kitchen, flowing with a specific grace between projects, watching these documentaries about English stately homes…

    When I grow up I’m definitely going to have a homestead kind of dealio, but I will design it in the style the landed gentry, you know? I will be a yeoman. Or a Duke who thinks he is like a yeoman, but then I will also be the cook and the shepherd and the scullery maid. And the yeoman. I will have land and a modest pack of brittany springer spaniels. Chickens and vegetables and roses and an espaliered apple orchard. A little greenhouse with a woodstove. Foxes and peacocks! A bit of heath, a wood, a stream. Gold window panes. Decanted port and those shallow champagne glasses. Plovers eggs. A toast rack. A wine cellar. And a library. Oh, the library. Also, siberian cats and a cohort of brilliant and beautiful people. 

    Pardon me, I’ve had a bit of wine, and am feeling particularly dreamy and infatuated with everything today…

    ta, my darlings, xxxx

    M. Newtgate, Esq.



  7. Even when the job market is a big ole bummer, flour and yeast and salt and water still make bread…


  8. beatonna:

    Pathetic Autumn 

    Awesome autumn


  9. emilygoingplaces:

    Creatures wash up on the beach.


  10. Moomin adventures with emilygoingplaces



  12. natgeofound:

    A fortune teller displays her cards in Jemaa el Fna square in Marrakesh, Morocco, June 1971.Photograph by Thomas J. Abercrombie, National Geographic


  13. m-i-s-o:


    A young Kenyan woman holds her pet deer in Mombassa, March 1909. Photograph by Underwood and Underwood

    Those tattoos.


  14. Kitchen projects


  15. "There’s something pervy about pies…"
    — Fergus Henderson