1. Brunswick diner, roof puppy


  2. Thank you baby Jesus, for giving us brunch.


  3. JUST when you thought I couldn’t get any more insufferable, I get glasses.


  4. the many faces of spring (in maine)


  5. Goodnight, brain.


  6. "The truth is that I am not one of those who find their satisfaction
    in one person, or in infinity. The private room bores me, also
    the sky. My being only glitters when all its facets are exposed
    to many people. Let them fail and I am full of holes, dwindling
    like burnt paper. Oh, Mrs Moffat, Mrs Moffat, I say, come and sweep
    it all up. Things have dropped from me. I have outlived certain
    desires; I have lost friends, some by death—Percival—others
    through sheer inability to cross the street. I am not so gifted as
    at one time seemed likely. Certain things lie beyond my scope. I
    shall never understand the harder problems of philosophy. Rome is
    the limit of my travelling. As I drop asleep at night it strikes me
    sometimes with a pang that I shall never see savages in Tahiti
    spearing fish by the light of a blazing cresset, or a lion spring
    in the jungle, or a naked man eating raw flesh. Nor shall I learn
    Russian or read the Vedas. I shall never again walk bang into the
    pillar-box. (But still a few stars fall through my night,
    beautifully, from the violence of that concussion.)"

    Woolf, The Waves

    concussed, pondering Woolf much slower than usual.


  7. um, excuse me, what a badass. 

    nellie bly

    She brought with her the dress she was wearing, a sturdy overcoat, several changes of underwear and a small travel bag carrying her toiletry essentials. She carried most of her money (£200 in English bank notes and gold in total as well as some American currency) in a bag tied around her neck”

    if someone gives me a grant, I will re-create this journey in Bly’s tartan overcoat.


  8. remembering my 2011 stint in Ireland.

    the peat bogs, the whiskey…

    (Source: pineconeonthetent)


  9. Thesis research

    {& gratuitous brooding selfies}

    To the Lighthouse


  10. humansofnewyork:

    They told me they like to make up dances to songs on the radio. “Ukranian folk dances,” their mom added.

    I like this so much.


  11. "They drank their tea in the bedroom sometimes, or in the study; breaking off work at mid-day with the smudge on their faces, and their old hands clasped and cramped with the broom handles. Flopped on chairs, they contemplated now the magnificent conquest over taps and bath; now the more arduous, more partial triumph over long rows of books, black as ravens once, now white-stained, breeding pale mushrooms and secreting furtive spiders."

    To the Lighthouse

    the arduous, partial triumph over long rows of books…


  12. Stop, put down your pens, no one ever needs to write another book.


  13. Parisian phantasmagoria



  14. Older model Moomins. Art/work as a process, never final…


  15. Camden Hills High School survivor, Pulitzer Prize winner, badass bitch.