1. found a box of photographs the other day.


  2. Wednesday morning


  3. witchery


  4. Lumberjills, aka The Women’s Timber Corps (via)

    (Source: imposteurs, via magicjug)


  5. eternal grrlhood


  6. sweet things

    (dot tumblr dot com)



  8. feat. my new basket


  9. Future home, homie (!)


  10. city kitties, miss you already


  11. A romantic rooftop date with a dramatic ending


  12. kittycat, haircut, buttercups

    Edit: California Poppies***


  14. another *kisses fingers in Italian gesture* summer day.

    currently reading Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe on the porch in the hot breeze, wondering what these curry blossoms will look like when they bloom…


  15. Quality time with the seaside